Poll: Deregulate the trade in children
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8 53%
3 20%
4 27%
2 13%
9 60%
9 60%
7 47%
Voters: 15.
Should you need a license to buy or sell children, or should they be freely traded like other commodities?

What about child futures?

Your vote really counts!
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I remember an old comedy sketch from years ago (can't even remember which TV show it was). They ran a bootcamp for couples that wanted to have children.

All the decent respectable potential parents were eliminated in one way or another, leaving the only people allowed to progress and have children as the old executive and his young secretary, and the couple who lived on benefits in a council house that already had several children.

So yeah, depending how the licences are gained it could work.
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Licences should absolutely be required to have kids. That's along with a government-endorsed education programme to get people ready for parenting and regular checkups with social services and the like to check that things are going smoothly. Anyone who does not follow government child-raising techniques should be imprisoned and have their kid disposed of.
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I think people should be killed upon birth.

So "yes", I guess, is what I'm saying.
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