Sounds great! I dig the song title too. From a mix standpoint, you did a great job -- it sounds very professional. Loved the power of the drums and riffs. Very Lamb of God-esque. About the only thing I thought that could improve was to try making the leads a little louder/cut more. Especially earlier in the song when you used some leadwork to kind of support the riffs (I'm thinking of that part around 1:12). I feel that if those "background" leads were a little more present in the mix, the song would be even better. But it sounded great as-is.

If you'd care to review some of my work, here is my most recent song: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1709806
First things first, this sound quality is amaaaaazing!

I liked the vocals, but the chanting vocals kinda seemed lifeless.

The drums sound very equally compressed, dat snare got me headbanging.

I like the late 90's, full 00's metal riff. The part around 1:55 actually made me think of KSE during their third and fourth albums. The solo reminded me of some Megadeth (cut very well through the mix, also)

You sure as hell take this stuff very seriously and that's super refreshing and inspiring to see everyday
I hope to reach this level of production someday (please do not see this as flattery, as I'm being awfully honest)