Hey everyone, I am a fairly new to playing guitar and I was having a little trouble with my strumming and I was wondering if any one had any tips or exercises they could share that might help me improve.
Get a 4/4 click track, metronome or drum track.

I dunno how new you are to the guitar, but 4/4 would work as.

1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4

Now in each beat play a quarter note. (^ is an down strum, v Up strum)

1 2 3 4 .....so on, so on.
^ v ^ v

Now use the same idea, but with eighth notes (in one beat you do 2 strums.)

1 2 3 4....so on.
^v ^v ^v ^v

Now inverse the order, start with an up strum. Try and mix up quarter notes and either notes. -e.g strumming once in beat 1, and twice in beat 2, one in beat 3 and twice in beat 4-

Then is just a case of you changing the value of the variables.
E.g instead of playing in all beats, you might wanna try add a pause, instead of quarter or eighth, grab that funk and strum some sixteenth notes.

And remember keep your right hand wrist loose and relaxed and learn stuff that you like that uses a lot of strumming.
Add a slap, if you want an rnb vibe or a tap for percussive momentum. Also utilize what I like to call strum weight. I don't know how else to call it, but strum weight is basically when following a pattern, you accentuate certain notes in that chord under the strum pattern you are using. It adds tonal depth and makes your strumming more harmonious.

For example if you were doing a standard shape Emadd9, you would in your strum pattern accentuate the minor 3rd then the add9 within the pattern using varied pressure in your attacks
I have a tip I call the "endless strum technique"

Your strumming hand constantly is doing the 8th note (down up down up down up down up). But you omit / whiff certain strums to create the patterns.

Your strumming hand looks like it's doing all the hits of the 8th note rhythm, but you can create patterns that you want.
This helps you stay in time and also makes your strumming become autopilot almost.

Also when I down strum I typically play all the strings of the chord, but when I up strum, I play only a few strings.
This really helps with creating the dynamics of strong, weak, strong, weak for the down and up beats. So this makes your strumming sound WAY more natural, and not like a wall of sound that is emotionless.

I have a lesson that I put on my website that goes through all of this

Hope that helps!
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