Well ive been lookin for more amps in my country and the only availables that ive seen that got decent reviews are the Vox v40+, blackstar id core 40 and fender mustang ii v2. There are no peaveys available so which of them should be suitable for me that i like playing both rock-punk and metal (sum 41, rise against, metallica, megadeth)
Hope you help me and yes my budget is just around those amps i currently have a marshall mg15fx so that would be a good upgrade right?
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diabolical emmm dont like very much the 10 watts, do you have good reviews on the roland cube 40gx?
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Try this one

+1 those things are pretty sweet.
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diabolical emmm dont like very much the 10 watts, do you have good reviews on the roland cube 40gx?

if it's just for home playing then 10 watts shouldn't be an issue. the Cube may be a reasonable option for metal
Couldn't find much online...

These guys say they're a Peavey dealer so maybe you can talk about a Peavey Valveking or one of the Peavey modeling amps:

There seems to be a bona fide Guitar Center MIraflores in Lima as well - if you send us the link we might be able to look for other options.

How about Orange Crush and Tiny Terror series? Are these available?
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diabolical emmm dont like very much the 10 watts, do you have good reviews on the roland cube 40gx?

What's wrong with 10 watts if it's going to be a bedroom amp? You don't need 40 watts for bedroom usage, unless you want to piss off your neighbors (not saying that there's anything wrong with having more watts than you need - you can always turn it down, but for bedroom usage wattage just doesn't matter).
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Curious question.... do you have eBay? Can find allot of good deals on there, though shipping on much may be high.....i hate how certain countries lack on selection. Everyone deserves to have access to great equipment. With what you listed... at typical bedroom volumes id try the fender.... though I never used the mustang....i did have a dsp 90 back in the day..... and while not without a couple little flaws, out definitely covered all styles of music.... my one friend used to come over and he jammed allot of metallica and it sounded pretty good
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Wanting to go rock and metal - from what you have listed - The Blackstar and the Cube are the ones you want to look at, see if you can play both and decide which one you like the sound of better.