Hi guys, I own a Barber Compact Tone Press and I'm loving the tone I get from it using it as a light compression/sparkly clean thing. However, I'm getting a pretty nasty hiss. It's honestly enough to make me not want to put the pedal on my board, because the gains I'm making in enhancing my clean sound aren't worth how much the noise floor is being raised. So I started to try to determine what's causing the problem. First off, I know that a compressor, by nature, is going to bring up the noise floor and there will be hiss. But I really don't think there should be this much. Secondly, the pedal is hissing with no input plugged in (just output going to amp). Does this point to a power issue? I can't try the pedal with a battery because there's no battery compartment. Would plugging the wall wart into an Eb Tech Hum X or something similar do the trick? This occurs when the power source is a wall wart or my PP2+. I've tried different rooms in my house, but I haven't gotten to use it outside yet.

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: A different output cable doesn't change anything, btw.
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