Hello everyone, see, I have a budget about $600 to spend it in an amp and guitar. And I don't know if I should spend my money into an expensive guitar (like a Fender Blacktop, Epiphone Custom...) and use something like an hybrid amp (Vox VT, Orange Micro, Laney LV, Marshall Valvestate...)


Buy an expensive amplifier (Marshall DSL, Blackstar HT 40/60, Carvin V3M...) and buy a cheaper guitar .

I need something to use in my bedroom, rehearsal and some small venues/gigging. I play like, any music style (I'm searching for something that will give me some nice clean and a hi gain distortion, for the distortion I could use a pedal)

The question is: Which option will sound better?

Hope you can help me
better amp is more important than better guitar.

the DSL40's aren't bad.

are you OK buying used?
whereabouts are you located?
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Or, an easier question: What should I get for the budget? Considering the styles that I play (everything) and that I'll need it for like... everything too xD (bedroom, rehearsal, gig/small venues like pubs, school...)
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Do you currrently have any gear?
If I had to build a versatile rig from scratch I would probably go with a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60, you can get them used for 200$ from guitarcenter:
They have the option of playing trough headphones for your late night practise, but also the power amp section of a Peavey 6505 in case you take them to a gig.
For guitars I would go with a (Super-)Strat with a HSS configuration. Not quite my field of expertise but for example this Jackson could be nice for 350$: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Jackson/DINKY-MIJ-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc
I would buy a better guitar. It's the one that you closest to you and you can some times borrow another amp. The start of the whole chain starts with the guitar so you want to start off good...
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Benxaw What do you have already?

Nothing, I sold my gear (Squier Tele Custom, Laney LG20R)

Basically I wanted to get a better guitar/amp