Hello, help please to identify the movie on the passage. The film about the 90s, perhaps an American. Thank you for your attention.
How 'bout let the movie identify for itself? Shitlords: 0, SJWs: 1.
Free Ali
It's the original "Anal Girls", the spiritual predecessor to the successful Backdoor Sluts franchise.
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Idk but it looks terrible
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Looks like Tron.

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What if blue cheese is just regular cheese but it's accelerating towards you really fast?
It's a series of horror movies about that flashing cat signature taking over the world by inducing seizures. Watch out for Seizure Cat.
What I wanna know is where in the world you found such a shitty television still in existence and what looks to be a VCR tape.
Free Ali
That's the opening scene from Schindler's List, I think. Colorized version.