White Python,
I don't know what your chances are, but the song sounds really good! Excellent guitar playing & riffs! Since I don't follow country music much, it always kind of surprises me how much country music has the instrumentals sounding so rock 'n roll at times. If it wasn't for the vocals, I'd never know that certain country songs were country. I was really surprised a while back when I saw a country band play on TV, and the guitar player had a big ol' mohawk hairstyle (totally punk!). How are you supposed to put a cowboy hat on that? Anyway, please check out my music at this link:

ah actually I meant by country like national contest, not the style, sorry about that, my english sucks at times :P
this song is funky straight out of the gates and doesnt let up. I dunno what your competition is like but I'd love to be there when you let this rip live. I really like how the song starts out hard but at :23 it manages to kick it up another notch and go even harder. That main riff really hooks the ear. Thanks for sharing, and good luck!