I am a finger style guitarist. I've been having trouble trying to do some things like sweep picking and tremolo and just fast notes on 1 or 2 strings quite hard to do without a pick. I haven't practiced with a pick ever and I've always used fingers. Is there ways to get that sheer speed with fingers? In some guitar solos I just don't have the speed to shred to fast! I use my thumb and 1st finger back and forth which works good enough until it gets really fast... Is shredding with finger style a thing?
Check out paco delucia - he can play as fast as anyone fingerstyle - it's not easy, but it's possible.
reverb66 for that matter check Segovia doing Bach runs in his 70s & 80s...I realize classical and finger picking are worlds apart..but it does demonstrate that speed can be obtained with just fingers..also Jeff Beck has done fine sans pick..there are others also...
play well

Learn to add legato. If you add slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs then you are picking every other note or two out of three. Also learn to add open strings and learn to play scales by combining open and fretted notes to get close to one nite per string.

Jerry's Breakdown is an excellent tune that combines both of those ideas. Also check out this neat little lick from Guitar World. You play a two octave G scale without playing the same string twice in a row.

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Of course it's possible, just look at any metal bass player that plays with his fingers. You are going to have to use more fingers than just your thumb and index, though. Try starting with some classical guitar pieces that utilize tremolo picking. Flemenco style is slightly different and allows for even greater speed. Sweep picking by definition, though, requires a pick to get that sound. I'm going to bed, but tomorrow I can give some suggestions for classical studies to, look at.
I am alright at legato and its super helpful, I'm not a pro at it yet though... Tremolo is something I have to work on, I pretty much cant do anything close... lol...I'll read some and see what I come up with for learning this technique
I always point to Richie Kotzen for these type of questions. How you can achieve it, you'll have to ask someone else. But is it doable? Yes. Also, Richie Kotzen does use sweep picking so it's possible.
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Sweep picking by definition, though, requires a pick to get that sound.

How do you figure that?
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