so i'm looking for a new amp to start gigging with more since my band is starting to play bigger gigs, and i need an amp under 500 dollarish. we play mostly jam style stuff like allman brothers, dead and so. i play with a prs se custom 24.
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I have a Carvin Vintage 16 sounds great just loud enough all tube made in the USA Delivered to your door for about 420.

The Vintage 16 may be the best amp Carvin has ever produced.

I have the big brother to the Vintage 16. The 50W Belair (2x12 version) and the Nomad (1x12) amps are extremely good. Some folks are a bit confused by the fact that both come with a faux tweed tolex exterior (other tolex styles/colors available) as standard. My Belair has V30's (an upgrade highly recommended, but don't listen closely until they've been well-broken-in) and some modifications to the gain ("soak") channel called the Hasserl Mods (google them). Given what you play, I'd definitely look into these. You'll be able to find both the Belair and Nomad popping up on eBay and Craigs used at prices within your budget. They'll hold their own with amps that are a LOT bigger and tougher to fit in a car .
I've been gigging with a Jet City 20H for about 5 years now and I love it, especially after I re-tubed it and took the time to swap different tubes in and out until I found the tone I wanted.

I can't say I'm too familiar with the Dead, but I play in a Southern/Classic rock band that does a ton of Allman material and between my amp and a small pedalboard I'm able to cover all the tones I need easily.
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