I'm currently running an Engl e570 preamp through the power amp of a Peavey Valveking and am looking to downsize my cab. Currently I'm considering either the Engl E212SB or the Engl E212VHB.

A quick look at the specs of each:

E212SB - 2x Celestion V60 speakers, constructed from particleboard plus Siberian Birch baffleboard.

E212VHB - 2x Celestion V30 speakers, constructed from Siberian Birch 14 times folded.

Has anyone got any experience with either of these cabs or how they compare to one another? They're similarly priced and both being Engl cabs I know that whichever I go for I'll be getting a good product, but it would be good to get an idea of how they differ before ordering one!
The one with the V30's is the far superior cab in my opinion. I've played through both and it was no contest for me. If they're about the same price, it's a no-brainer imo.
yeah i'm not sure i've tried both but certainly on paper (and when it comes to price) the vintage cab with the v30s seems to be far superior as I K0nijn I says
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V30 are basically a go-to speaker for heavier stuff.
But if you can try them both as there are lots of people who actually like v60's more than v30. I actually like 'em both for different amps.

If you don't have such a possibility then consider the midrange of your amp, v60 are naturally scooped and v30 have an emphasised midrange. If your amp is also somewhat scoopy then I'd go with v30, if it's overly middy then v60 might help to even it out a little bit.
Well, people have already said lots about the speakers, I'd just like to say that particle bord is not the best material for a cab, so I guess that settles it.