Ok, so I'm pretty partial to schecter and Jackson guitars. I recently set out on a venture for a new 7 string.....i was leaning towards a hellraiser fr with sustainac to go with my atx c7, but I decided I wanted something perfect, even if it means dumping money. I stumbled upon major issue while looking through options and neck and body styles. I have never attempted to fully customize a guitar, and have no familiarity with the body and neck measurements and angles, nor am I having luck finding exact measurements on the schecter equipment I've found comfortable to play. If anyone can help me or point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated. Also i am going to include a screenshot of what I am talking about. Pay no mind to the obvious just need answers on what kind Oki measurements..... looking for something slim and comfortable. ... nevermind the screenshots.... won't let me add
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