I was planning to buy a new guitar amp which cost 150 dollars below. I was still a newbie that's why my rig consist of cheap items
like my guitar ESP LTD M-10 and a boss metal zone mt-2. I am reading reviews on some affordable amps and I found that Orange micro terror had the best user response. The amp is really good but I have no idea if my mt-2 is applied. I can't try it in the store because the sales personnel doesn't allow testing of their products when equipped with MT-2 because it's not their product.
First of all, you generally don't buy an amp with a specific pedal in mind. You can certainly do that, but people usually don't. People usually get the amp first and then can decide if they want to add pedals. If you really want to, the MT-2 can sound wonderful through a bass amp but that's probably not the best way to go in your case so don't do that.

Also if the store personnel won't let you test a specific pedal through a specific amp, that's kind of silly, especially for the reason you gave. If you're potentially making a purchase they should allow you to use your own gear as long as it won't harm their gear (ie wanting to play your 5 string bass with active pickups through a little guitar combo).
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