Hey everyone,

This isn't very experimental, actually it's pretty straightforward metal, but I titled it as such because I included a breakdown in the track featuring a Steel Drum segment. I do not honestly remember what the rational was, as I composed this about 4 years ago, and finally recorded it this month. If I had to guess, I always liked the sound of steel drums, and figured it would be possible to include them successfully in an instrumental break.

If you get the time to listen, please comment, leave a link to your track, and I will C4C!

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supralightning Cool song man! Wish you could add some vocals and make this into a proper metal song...sounds like your playing and writing style is kinda influenced by Metallica? Especially the lead guitar parts! Love the overall production as well! Nice tones and everything! Keep me posted if you release more music!

Some of the guitar tones have a bit too much treble for my ears, but I'm sensitive to that. Guitar playing & riffs are good though. I was assuming the steel drums would sound more Caribbean, yet they sounded more Asian (to me) the way you played them. It turned out a lot better than I anticipated. I found the steel drums amusing, instead of thinking it did not fit at all (like I anticipated). Several months ago (on a cruise), I heard a 4 piece band: one drummer and 3 real steel drummers. They sounded rather good. They mostly played classics (some Beatles, other rock bands, classic orchestral songs), instead of mostly purely Caribbean songs. Please review my music at this link: