So a week ago I take my guitar to get setup since its a my first floyd guitar and I'm just not good at setting them up myself. They set it up. It's set up perfectly and I have no issues. Then last night I was pulling on the trem bar and my high E string breaks in two, right at the bridge. I came up with a solution to use the excess string wound around the tuning post to compensate for the little bit of string broken. I put the string into the floyd, tuned up the entire guitar and put the locking nut screw things back on. Now I can never get the guitar in tune correctly because whenever I use the trem bar it goes out of tune. The strings on the other side of the locking nut do change pitch when i use the trem.

Is it a bad solution to keep using the string that broke? It's not like its overly tight, there are still a few wounds around the tuning post still.
Is there some special way to put the locking nut thing on? I just put them on and tightened them.
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You know that you don't tune the guitar with the headstock tuners after you lock down the locking nut, right?
Two, your locking nut cap is not on correctly; that's why the string is changing tuning. Did you rotate it the wrong direction? Did you strip the screw? Did you not tighten it down sufficiently? And yes, there's a specific way to put the locking nut thing on.
unwinding the string and putting back in clamp at bridge is a tried and true method so that isn't the issue. I'd say the issue is at the clamp so check that.