Hey guys, just purchased yesterday a fender champion 100.

I have 2 questions that so fat have caused nuances when interacting with the amp...

1. There seems to be a low noise that sounds like crunching paper. Is the amplifier damaged?

2. When I switch it to "off" it doesn't turn off immediately, the power light blinks 7 times and goes from very bright to dim, then it turns off. Is this the normal "turn off" mechanics for fender champion 100s?

First off.... I'm not familiar with the champions, but is it a modeling amp of any sort.... if so there could be some sort of computerized set up and shit down process..... also at the end, the light dimming would probably be the last but off electricity exciting the amp..... the noise is a tough call without physically hearing it.....i did have a dap 90 back in the day and that made a little more background noise when just sitting in the on position but when paying out vanished.... is it effected buy volume.... also if a guitar kids plugged in the tour of pick ups can effect that also.... passives tend to make a bit of noise through the amp when sitting idle, whereas my active cut almost all of that out
where did you buy it from? I would return it.
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I think the best option would be to return it, since I have only used it once outside the shop and I was able to find these inconveniences.

The "crunching paper" sound doesn't seem to be affected by anything. It would make the sound on the clean and the high gain channel, guitar plugged or not, cables plugged or not. It is a very low sound though, even if I max out the volume, the annoying sound doesnt seem to increase by much.

The amp is, I believe a modeling amp. It has 2 channels and different voicings, also it includes some effects like delay reverb, chorus..etc. I really don't remember if the power light was blinking when I tested it at the shop...
dave.lopez.9469 agreed..... return it.... no use chancing a bigger issue down the line since it's warranted atm