We have several songs and we're in the process of recording some demos right now. We've been performing a lot lately and we just got our fourth member on guitar so we're going to switch over to playing electric gigs and everything and that's what the demos are going to be of course! Electric and such... Been a while since I had a full group together... We play songs I write... I don't post as much around the forum as I used to, but I'd like to become more active... (As a side note, if you wonder what I do... I'm the lead vocals and handle some guitar parts...)

If anything, post your band below, and I'll come check them out... Drop a stream or two, and I'll check it out.

My band plays the music I write... Mostly originals, but we throw in about 30-40% covers so the crowd can participate, too since we literally have little to share to people yet... But here's some "acoustic" renditions of the songs we play:

This is a song from the band wayyyy early on... Trust me this song sounds pretty good with the whole set up, and you'll hear soon enough.

Here's a electric demo I recorded about 4-ish years ago... This song is still in our circulation and has been rewritten a little... Dropped the bridge and replaced it with a guitar-version of the vocal melody on the chorus as a small solo... With a little bit of like... different flavors and such...

Another demo... we don't really play this one much anymore.

Anyway... Leave your band below... Please leave a like on our Facebook to stay up to date with us if you're interested... We hope to be going back to Florida very soon and playing in some other areas in Alabama... And then hopefully further out!!!

You're the greatest! Thank you.
Damn dude this shit is badass. You've got an awesome sound, great vocals too. I could see you being becoming pretty successful for sure, you already sound better than a lot of famous pop punk bands.

Also you know it's a good song when it holds up being played by one guy acoustically, keep it up.

I'd appreciate if you checked out some of my bands demos on Bandcamp: https://lovesinband.bandcamp.com/releases

Feel free to let me know what you think, thanks!
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