when i play powerchords (right handed), my index finger mutes the other 5 strings, and my third finger isn't muted.

In Jimi hendrix style (upside down), how did he play powerchords. Does the ring finger not mute the index? try it yourself.

anyone who plays guitar upside down like jimi please try a powerchord and explain to me
Jimi Hendrix didn't play the guitar "upside down" - he played a flipped-over right-handed guitar with the strings reversed so the low E was still physically at the top of the fretboard.

Nobody plays "upside down" - more to the point Hendrix barely used powerchords.
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Jimi Hendrix didn't play the guitar upside down. He played leftie with a right-handed guitar strung left-handed.

However, there are guitarist who play upside down i.e. guitar strung right-handed played left-handed. Albert King is probably the most famous one who does this. There's also a modern blues guitar player who plays like this but I cannot remember his name right now, I'll edit once I remember. Also, there's a Rob Chapman or Rabea Massad video of them in a guitar store where the store owner plays like that as well.

I guess you can check out those videos to see how they plays chords? But I'd garner if you can play a C shape chord then surely you can play an upside-down power chord.

Edit: -

Remembered the dude's name, it's Eric Gales.

And here's the aforementioned video

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Jimi Hendrix didn't play the guitar upside down. He played leftie with a right-handed guitar strung left-handed.

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Eric Gales - plays upside down and he is one of the most ferocious rock players on the planet - he's a sight to behold!

Albert King was the first to really go there - in each case it gave them a unique attack and tone. Eric Gales has some pretty far out techniques and voicings.
I'm not sure Jimi played many power chords either. Iommi did during the same era but Jimi often played inside chords or simple triads in his lead/rhythm style. A very unique player in that time period.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
I don't think Hendrix used many power chords, most of his rhythm parts were usually full chords. Som epower chords I'm sure, but not much.

Another upside down player is Doyle Bramhall, who played guitar in Eric Clapton's band for a long time. He could pick up my right handed guitar, flip it over and play it left handed. Weird to watch, but he's a good guitar player.

Here's a random video I looked up, Doyle is on the far left, then Derek Trucks, JJ Cale and Eric Clapton.

Sorry, not much guitar there, how's this

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