So I just ordered one of these to mess around with and use as a secondary guitar used for alternate tunings.

The only question I have is how I go about stringing these and what I need in terms of string guages. The spec sheet for the guitar says NPS, .009-.042 Gauges but aren't those really light? I want tunings heavier than standard.
That is a standard gauge for 25.5" scale. Since you are a full 3" shorter, it will probably take some thick strings to do drop tuning.
Thanks guys, I'll probably buy a couple packs of 11's and 12's to test them out. The only problem I now have is which packs do I get? There are so many different variations of 11 and 12 guage strings. Not all have the same #s Ernie Ball or D'addario are what I prefer.
as far as what strings, try different brands until you find what you like. its kind of a personal thing. its a journey.
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Yeah, larger gauge strings aren't as Cooke cutter as 9's and 10's.

I would start with Earnie 12-56 if you really want to drop tune and go from there. That's the thickest they make pretty sure, so anything else is going to have to be from a different mfr.