A non-rockabilly question for a change just to keep you guys on your toes haha...

I Have been asked by a female friend to do some research and find her husband an acoustic guitar for under £300 for his Christmas present, luck guy huh!

She wants something that looks gorgeous (I'm thinking pearl trim, maybe a coloured body etc...) so that it can be a focal point in their lounge when not being used, I am aware that beauty is down to personal opinion but I will take a look at any that you can recommend and send links to her too, I personally have a Vintage V300 in baby blue which looks and plays gorgeous. I don't think he will like the round backed, ovation style acoustics so they are out.

Her husband is not an amazing guitarist so fairly easy playability will be a must. It is probably just an acoustic that she wants, not an electro acoustic, so can anyone out there recommend any excellent reviewed £300 or under guitars that I can take a look at.

Many Thanks in advance peeps!
Yeah, something from the Luna range might be the go if you are putting looks ahead of performance, but they aren't very blokey. If you spend a lot on bling in that price range, it might end up looking chintzy rather than gorgeous.

I would be looking at Tanglewood, Yamaha and Recording King, but there are lotsa good Asian-made guitars around these days. I would budget for a set up, since this is where "easy playing" comes from, and/or take someone with her who knows about guitars, if feasible..