Spare no expense
Eliminate the expendable
Those uncontained by simple controls
Silence is a golden mantra
See something, shut your mouth
We reject hearing truth
Seal the ears with gold honey
Spoon feed them deceit

Blind obedience is god
Repeat, repeat, repeat

Kill yourself daily
Consume what passes your eyes
The other side is your enemy
If they think out of line, make them bleed
Power, money, faith
Stifle this poisonous pulse
Transfuse with increasing deceit

Blind obedience is god
Repeat, repeat, repeat

Breathe the lie
You are safe and well
If you weren't blind, the truth is denied
Moral lobotomy
A lust for control
A slut for disgrace
Leaving you nothing

Blind obedience is your worthless god
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.