Citizens of UG,
All the ballots have been cast, all the votes have been counted. The people have spoken.

And the winner is... monwobobbo!

He assumes the office of Guitar Gear & Accessories moderator and will receive all the privileges and responsibilities today. Long may he reign!  

Thanks to all the nominees and the electorate for supporting democracy on UG.

And now, it's time for the moderator inauguration speech. monwobobbo, please, tell your loyal supporters what you're up to now.

ok loyal supporters I'm at work pretty exciting huh . worked last nite and back again this morning with little sleep.

anyways thanx to all who voted as you are doing your part to keep UG great. hopefully I won't have to do to much modding as I know you guys will behave, right.......right guys .....ok we'll see. I will be seeing what can be done to make this section more friendly to new comers and will be open to suggestions on how that can be accomplished.

thanx again and i'll try to be a worthy mod waiting to get my super powers
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Grats monwobobbo!
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have a wife so nothing you could do here will faze me. . will try to have fun but we'll see on that. have modded at other sites in past and it can be less than fun at times. but still I'm gonna concentrate on making this a better forum section.
sweet, congratulations
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Damn I know it as ben a while, but congrats
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