Somehow, I won the elections, and I'm now (or soon) a new moderator here. I'd like to thank people who voted me, as well as the people who voted Jerry because tbh he was the right choice. So what am I up to now? Well, I'm going to go make some pancakes with a friend, but that is irrelevant to the forum.

What to expect from the forum in the future? Well, I live pretty much across the globe from the rest of the mods, so you're no longer safe outside the rush hours. I'd also like to add interaction between the regular users, so that we have something else to post about outside of helping beginners. How do I achieve that? Working on it. We could also pool our resources to dish out some new stickied threads so that we don't have to explain the same thing over and over again.

I'm not good with speeches so that's that I guess. The whole election process was pretty fun, so I hope UG staff will come up with new silly events in the future. Thank you to everyone involved in the whole process.

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Congratulations on joining the worst team in the league.
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