(week #8 for The Pit) #UGHeader. Use your photoshop skills to make Forum better

week#8 header for The Pit

Hey guys! You voted for the new THE Pit header, and the result is already here (look at those cute bears above ), but next week we will change a header again.

So use your Photoshop skills and post you own headers in the comments

The rules:

1) mention Ultimate Guitar (not just UG) OR ultimate-guitar.com
2) 749x64 pixel size (!)
3) have fun
4) we cannot use banner with someone's face after someone asked to not use it... let's respect it =)

Yo can get the Ultimate Guitar logo here:

And here's an example of a header (in terms of size):

week#1 by sam b

week#2 by UltimateGuizar

week#3 by ElMaco

week#4 by behind_you

week#5 by Lord-O-Donuts

week#6 by behind_you

week#7 by ultimate-slash

then we have voting

1) by Lord-O-Donuts

2) by ultimate-slash

3) by whywefight

4) by behind_you

5) by K'Nuckles

6) by Wolfinator-x
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