First song I've written with my 7-string in almost a year. "A Distant Nightmare" is more or less a product of lack of sleep, and a ton of rainy weather.
Anywho, hope you guys enjoy the listen as much as I did making it. It's free to download, and all crit is welcome!


or for Soundcloud users:


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Cool! I liked it. Very skilled playing. The production is rather good and everything sounds tight, but I think that the distortion-only parts sounded perhaps a bit too "opaque" at times. I found a few parts of the soloing less interesting (mainly the one from 2:18 to 2:35), but I guess they just reminded me more of the typical thrash soloing.

I especially found the introduction and second half great, capturing the dark ambient sound well.
It's very good. As I wrote I would add some space\chorus and the such on the leads. It's just a tad dry, rest is good, solid riffs, very good soloing ! clearly you are a skilled guitar player
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Nice song. Like your dark cleans. Leads are great too. Dark feeling transfermed successfully. Not fan of the snare but the rest of the kit is good.