I've been playing guitar for 8+ years now, and to this day I haven't ever switched pickups. I always wound up getting a new guitar to mess with before the need. But.. The guitar I bought 6 years ago finally has it's pickups blown.
They have EMG HZ humbuckers, and I need to find something to replace them with. The guitar is a Cort Zenox. It's a pretty cheap guitar, but I love the fretboard and how it plays, so I'd really like to give it a new lease on life, as it's my Drop C guitar.
What sort of tools do I need, and what sort of measurements do I need to know? I have a soldering iron, so thankfully I'll be able to handle the electronics fine. But is there anything else I'd need? And I'm under the assumption you can't just drop any pickups in there, so what sort of measurements and stuff will I have to consider when looking? And also, what would you suggest for me to buy. Something that'll make the guitar sound better then it used to, but not cost me an arm and leg.
So yea summed up..
What tools do I need?
What measurements/specs do I need to keep in mind while looking?
And what would you suggest to buy? It's just going to be used for regular Drop C metalcore stuff.
Thanks [:
Its fairly straightforward. Soldering iron, solder, clamps to hold wires down, you'll need wire to connect to pots and ground, wire strippers/cutters, time and patience, wiring diagrams. I'm sure I am leaving something off the list.
As far as measurements are concerned it depends on whether you have a trem or not (dimarzio has f-spaced pickups) and what style (i.e. soapbar, humbuckers, single coils, etc.)
Best of luck!
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