Hello, it's been a while!

Thought now I've got a bit more time to waste I'd start coming back here and irritating everybody again.

In the past year or so I've slowed down with the gear, having to pay a mortgage and running a house does that to you.

However I've still managed to get some 'new' stuff so here we go... For those of you who have seen some of this else where just shush...

*gets sentimental and misses the old days*

PRS SE Holcomb

Bought this on pre order from guitarguitar as soon as I heard they were available. I'm not a massive periphery fan, or even Mark/Mrak fan but the specs are just intense.

Beveled maple top with quilted maple veneer
Mahogany back
25.5" scale length with 20" radius
Ebony fret board
3-peice maple neck with satin finish
Bird inlays
PRS-designed tuners
Plate style bridge
SD Alpha and Omega pickups with coil tap.

It's pretty much what I wanted to go with my trusty Burny. I was after something very modern, that wasn't a super strat or super LP. I was considering going for an ESP Eclipse however I knew I had to be sensible. I wanted new as a wedding present to myself (because why not) and this seemed ideal.

The neck is fantastic, the radius took about ten seconds to get used to and it just feels right. It does have the effect of making my LP feel very old fashioned, but it is so who cares? I will admit I don't care for satin neck, it's not something that I am.fussed about having owner many different types of finishes and the best will always be the oil finish on an EBMM anyway...

The sound is huge, clear and I hate the word but 'articulate' though it's definitely a hot pairing the tones aren't all pure mental, it cleans up nicely and goes from hot 80s to modern heavy stuff with ease.

There are a lot of complaints on a certain forum about QC.


Personally mine isn't perfect, there are a few mraks (geddit!?) On the top edge of the fretboard in the binding. Now this wasn't enough for me to want to return it, this one plays so well. My experience with MIK is such that playability comes first, non essential only an issue on a CS Gibson guitar faults are ok to me. However some people might be disappointed to find blems on these but for the price, spec and general feel I can let it pass.

I think the next few runs will just get better.

I like the burst but it's certainly more like the darker Image than the lead one.

Then sadly, life is a cunt and awful things happen and out of it came a guitar that I still find hard to play.

It's a 2004 JP6. It's completely mint and base spec.

This guitar was purchased by my late Father in law, an incredibly gifted guitar player and somebody I regret never fully taking the time to spend playing guitar with.

I'll never get the chance to and miss him everyday. He left me this guitar and it's just amazing. It feels like a proper guitar, some people may remember my white one I sold for being sterile. In comparison this feels like a vintage well loved Strat.

I love these guitars and this one shall and will remain with me for life, it's family history and I rarely play it as I find it hard to play because of it means. I'm sure in time it'll get more use but now it's kept safe and sound. It'll never be fogged put it that way.

I also bought a POD HD300 so I can play as much as I want and my wife won't kill me as she hates metal.

It's boring but solid and I like it.

So yeah, good to be back.

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
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Nice scores tom. Definitely some amazing looking instruments
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Super jelly in both instances, those are great looking guitars!
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That's a great looking veneer on that PRS.
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Super nice stuff. I somehow don't get along with PRS, but their quality is undeniable. Also a really nice EBMM and a great story to go with it. Enjoy them!
Great stuff Tom.

Welcome back.
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Sweet axes I like the PRS veneer and burst for sure. HNGD

Welcom back!
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Sweet guitars, sorry to hear about your father in law, though
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that prs looks great.
definitely one of there best guitars on that line.
Jumping on dat gear sig train.
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Hello and welcome back! the burst on that PRS is gorgeous!, looks damn tasty for an SE model! No experience with the Pod HDs but I for a few months I borrowed a buddy's XT Live (X3 Live?) and it was perfect for playing through headphones.

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what you need is a new amplifire.

congrats on the new gear, sorry to hear how the EBMM came your way but it's part of the family forever now. play it often!

that bound ebony board on the priss looks awesome.
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Thought I recognised these guitars and story. Realised that you post on the PH forum as well! Both of these are beautiful. Take extra care of the MM. Great guitars and that one has a story behind it to boot.
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1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb