Electric guitars with piezos for electro acoustics too. (Having the smart chip too) what are your thoughts?

I have one; a guitar with a piezo, but it was one that I had rebuilt and customised though, but; I have the chip.
It requires a 9 volt battery.
I only have 1 amp type (electric guitar) and no splitter, but in theory I should be able to run it through a splitter feed both an electric guitar amp and an acoustic guitar amp and this chip, provided you use STEREO jack, should when the piezo's activated, should also 'do it's smart chip thing' and switch from one amp to another at the same time.


I haven't tested it, yet, but that's what this chip does in theory...

Anyone else know anything about these chips and if they're also used for anything else in guitar/bass?
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Chips do a lot of things. You're going to need to be more specific about what you have.
Not sure I'm following you, Does your guitar or chip ( whatever the hell that is) allow for you to split channels? And yes under saddle Piezo pickups use a preamp and require a 9v battery, As to Chip are we talking about something like GraphTech's Ghost piezo system? Which yes would have come with a stereo input jack, I think, as I use the added Hexpander card on top of the Ghost allowing for 13 pin guitar synth access so I cant say what comes with the standard Ghost only kit , and again yes that's the point behind the stereo output , although you'll need a stereo to mono splitter, Or summing cable if you will, Basically one of these, http://eventhorizon-srv.com/ecommerce/os/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=5586&gclid=CKXO6LCb488CFc5gfgod6KcHdg
Then there's the fact you'll have needed to wired up your jack correctly, As to a chip that senses a line level signal on the stereo side of the jack and automatically distinguishes the difference, Uh,,, Yea again that's the point, Actually that atrocity in my profile picture is so equipped
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