I got an old 60s era Tiesco(kawai) Telestar on a whim because it looked bad ass and I got it cheap. I haven't had any problems until I played a gig the other night and every tiny stop resulted in a huge feedback swell. I play punk so eliminating distortion is a no go and I tried taping the f holes at another gig last night to no avail. I guess the next step is getting a noise suppressor but I'm not sure where I should place it in my effects chain or what a good pedal would be. Anyone had success using a compressor/gate/noise suppressor to limit hollow body feedback?
A compressor will likely make it worse, much worse.

A good quality EQ will allow you to sweep the frequency range, find the offending resonant hot spot frequency and pull that down to reduce or eliminate feedback. Semi-hollow are always a challenge when you run hi gain.
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The old school fix to hollow-body feedback is to stuff foam or rags inside the body to fill the void. No Hollow, less feedback.
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