So I've done a ton of looking around but everyone's problems seem to be specific and so I decided to come here to see what you all think since I haven't been able to find an answer.

I recently got a Focusrite Scarlett Solo [2nd Gen] and I've been trying to get it set up. Up until now I've been monitoring through my old amp on flat settings but I got a pair of headphone (Beats Solo2 please don't judge I got them brand new for a fairly good price). Anyway, I've tried the audio through several headphones and when I put my headphones into the adapter for the monitor, sound only comes out of one side. Now, these headphones have the 3 rings for mic control (and so did my other headphones), and when I do an audio test via Control Panel, I hear the sound strong out of the left, and about half that volume in the right. I've gone into advanced settings to see the balance levels and it's 100 on both. So I can hear sound on both (right side is just fainter) from windows. But when I go to youtube or to Reaper, I only hear out of the left. In reaper, I've screwed around with the settings, but it's not specific to the DAW, the right side is faint or non existent everywhere. The adapter that I'm using is only 2 rings, but I figure that shouldn't be a problem since the third is for mic and not left or right. Does anyone have any advice or knowledge when it comes to this? I appreciate it, I'm goin' crazy over here.
Well, the 3 pin adapters are wired differently, if not mistaken if you pull out the jack a little bit out you might hit the sweet spot where the two audio channels will meet, so maybe pull the jack a little out of the adapter.

Best advice would be to get proper studio headphones, like AKG 240 MkIIs which are about $70 or even any of the cheaper pairs that are stereo with no mic wiring.

You could also create a custom adapter or look for a proper adapter that takes the mic input into consideration.