Hey guys, I'm starting to get into Animals as Leaders, so do any of you guys know what songs I should start learning first? Songs easy enough for me to ease into their type of music and also easy for me to play an 8 string. Thanks!
As I recall, both Tosin & Javier favor ERGs. Do you own a 7+ string?
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Sadly, to my knowledge, there really is no easy route in to AAL material; Tosin is an absolute beast and he really likes to show that. Really the best thing you can do right now is practice anything and everything you can think of. Then, once you have that 8 string, just spend some time getting used to it; don't just dive in to trying to play AAL. Playing an 8 is quite a different beast than playing a 6 string, or even a 7, so it'll take a bit of getting used to.
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some of his stuff is playable if you don't mind skipping the odd note or bringing it up an octave.

on impulse, inamorata, some others, i'm sure, if you look around a bit - not sure about the newer stuff.

more is playable if you're not fussy about tuning down to drop b (and possibly moving stuff around the fret board a bit.)
by the way, i stole this riff.
A fair bit of the first album is perfectly playable on a 7 string, but AAL and remotely easy don't go together.
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