Hey folks

I'm looking for a bit of advice on buying a new guitar. I've been reading so many reviews and I cant quite decide.

I'm currently using a borrowed Washburn Billy T and a beat up $60 acoustic so I'm looking to upgrade. I've only been playing guitar for a few months but played bass for 10+ years. So I want something that'll last me a while.

Not been to heavy would be a bonus due to my stupid back.

I like playing all sorts of music so something a little versatile would be handy buy hey I get I cant have it all on a budget lol ☺
So I like the style of No Doubt, garbage,Hole,Johnny Cash, Dixie Chicks, my chemical romace,Paramore,Green Day,

I don't mind what brand guitar but I have a few questions, ill have a budget of $700 Australian Dollars.

I dont mind what pick ups and that sort of thing.

I've been looking at a MIM Fender Mustang 60 (but its $899 i have a squire mustang bass i love). Ibanez RC365H Roadcore ($599) or a Squire Vintage modified jag ($699)

Am I better of trying to buy a second hand MIJ fender? Or try and get a Korean made squire?
Is the squire a better choice over the fender?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated ☺

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What sort of bands are you trying to emulate?

Do you have an amp yet? If so what do you have?
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T00DEEPBLUESorry about that I should have thought of that I have a Vox VXII 30W 1x8 Digital Modeling Guitar Combo Amp. I enjoy playing No Doubt,garbage,Johnny Cash, Paramore, Dixie Chicks, My chemical romance.
I would've suggested getting the MIM Mustang but your amp really isn't very good at all. The fact it doesn't even have a 12" speaker is really problematic.

I would get the Mustang all the same but make getting a new amp your very next priority. I may even be tempted to get the cheaper Squier since it'll mean you'll get a better amp faster.

Is there anything in your local used market that you like the look of that you could afford?
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Do some research and buy used if possible you'll get either more bang for the buck by getting a better model or save money on a MIM Mustang or Squier should you choose that route keep the balance to start saving for an amp ugrade where again if possible go used.
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Lightweight, and the band's you mentioned I'd start shopping Jackson and ibby..... they would cover all them sounds well...... certain fenders would too, but I'm not overly familiar with the weights....i owned one and it was pretty heavy.... didn't care for it and it became my first and last, so no advice on them.
kramer242Hey thanks for the info ill definitely have a look around for a jackson or gibby i like! If I can find secondhand ill definitely buy it!

At this stage I'm not to worried about my amp i just play at home and half the time through headphones but if I get serious ill look at a new amp.

thanks for the info guys much appreciated.