Anyone know of any good midi boards out there. The only two I see regularly are the Behringer FCB1010, which can be had for about $100 used typically, or the Roland FC-300, which jumps up to 300-400. Anything in between? Other manufacturers.

Right now I'm using an original Pod 2.0 along with the Line 6 Floorboard as a midi brain for my G Major, and I'd rather just plug a midi cable into the processor instead of having the pod as an intermediary.
just those two.

i use an fcb1010 for amp sims.

look into UnO or Eurekaprom eeprom chips that make the fcb1010 usable
I'm eyeing one on the bay right now. Now the eeprom chips only make it so you have buttons that control CC signals correct? As in, you could program it to change patches, with the stock chip.

Its such a cleaner, less noisy setup running your effects right next to the amp using only a midi signal cable to your pedal board.
The FCB with the UnO chip is the one to get. Unless you want to spend a lot more. But I've used mine all over the world for 15 years.
Dave @ Seymour Duncan