Hey people,

This is my sixth guitar in 5 years due to flogging them after getting grumpy and impatient! This time it's for real and I'm in it for the long haul. I WILL learn to play

I've just took delivery of a brand new epiphone sheraton this afternoon (union jack outfit) from an online shop. I absolutely love the look and feel of it but after tuning it to play it I've found that I've got fret buzz on the first fret. Every other fret on every string is fine. Even playing the strings open is absolutely fine, no buzz. It is only when a string is pressed on the first fret that the buzz occurs and it sounds awful!

Is this a common issue with guitars straight out the box needing adjustment and a proper set-up? or does this sound worrying?

My concern right now is the choice of paying for it to be looked at (which could end up in it being a very easy fix, or paying for the time of a professional for them to tell me to return it thus losing money) or having the hassle of sending it back to the company via courier after etc etc.

If anybody has any suggestions or have experienced this before, I'd really appreciate your comments.

- Greg
Not unusual out of the box. Take it down and have a setup done on the guitar first.
I'll have a ring round tomorrow and find out prices, My brother's had two brand new epiphones and they've been fantastic straight out of the box other than a slightly high action on an ej-200 acoustic. I guess not all of us have the same luck