So, I bought bias fx and I made some presets, routing my signal this way: guitar>audio interface>biasfx>cheap practice amp (it was the amp that came with my first guitar, and have not bought any other, it is a palmer colt 15 watts), so when I record stuff, the sound goes out of my amp, which has its own eq, and I set it up all equally to 3, the thing is, when I record, when I hear my tracks with some headphones that I have, the sound is extremely different from what it sounds through my amp, it loses somehow richness or colour, it sounds plastic (I know it is supposed to sound plastic as it is a vst, but it sounds really good through my amp) and I want to know how to achieve that kind of sound I get with the amp, but through the headphones, or the actual mix. I know it's a dumb question, but I just recently started into this recording stuff and I'm a newbie, so if you could give me tips I would appreciate it.
If you like the sound that you get through the amp, you should mic it and record that. Since you're using some vst's as well, it will be better to reamp it (send the signal out of the DAW once you've tracked it and record the mic signal back) so you don't lose sync due to latency when you're tracking in real time.
Or you should get better at doing everything in the box as Will Lane suggested.

Here's a guide to reamping in case you're interested: