A good son is always ready to go with his dad to work
He never refuses to go to a family reunion
Even if he gets bored, it helps with family union
A good son always obeys
A good son never complains

A good son always makes his father proud
A good son never makes his mother angry
He only makes her happy
And he never shouts

A good friend always puts other's needs over his own
Even if it makes him cry inside
That he never tells what's really going on in his mind
He never gets mad at people, not even if he tries
Should you ever ask, he will comply

A good friend always knows what to say
A good friend never misbehaves
He always does what he's told
And takes the blame when things go wrong

A good boyfriend is never angry at his girl
He never demands something from her
A good boyfriend always knows how to wait
How to please and never be mean
How to always satisfy her every need

He must always do the right thing
So people don't go away from him
Always showing that he's good
If he dares to say no, everything will go wrong

The tiniest mistake
To him is a hell to repay
The moment he disagrees
Is what he fears
He crawls for approval
And the damage is brutal
Yet he's alone
With no one to go
Maybe they think he's dumb

As he comes to realize he doesn't need to be this way
That if he makes a mistake or gets mad
No one would really mind
He needs to be
Only him
Never Scoop Mids