I bought the guitar in 1999. At the time it cost me $399.95 new, plus I got a nice hard case for it for $99.95 with CORDOBA on it in big indented letters.

The guitar itself is nothing special. It has a great tone, but the action is fairly high (over 1/8" at the 12th fret). The "A" string is broken (I restrung it a few months ago, the string broke a month later but I haven't played it since). Anyway I'm tossing in 2 sets of new nylon guitar strings.

The problem: I'd like to ask $300 for the guitar/case. For the money I think it's a pretty good deal. Problem is, since I bought it well over a decade ago, that the price on the model has dropped a lot. Check it out.


So essentially a guy can get the same thing, BRAND NEW, for $349.99 (with FREE SHIPPING, mind you), but with a polishing cloth and tuner thrown in for good measure. So I don't feel I can legitimately ask $300 for the guitar/case, although it cost me $499.90 when I bought it years ago.

You think $250 is good? I'd go as low as $200 (I don't intend on playing it again....I've grown to dislike wide fretboards and high action).