Ok so after a few weeks of selling my gear to buy new gear for a Rockabilly sound/band, I am now at the point where I need to be deciding on the right guitar for my budget, I know I've asked a similar question to this in the past week or so I apologise for repeating myself a bit but please bare with me. It is such a huge decision for me, and a massive financial investment for me (not currently employed) I need to make sure I buy the right thing.

I bought a Fender Blues Deluxe amp yesterday which is amazing and I've got a Boss DD3 pedal, I already have a Tele Baja in sonic blue which I'm going to use as a spare but I want to get a hollowbody Gretsch. I am going to go have a look and play some Gretches in Windows (U.K. Music store) tomorrow, my budget is probably £800 to £900 max so I am just unsure whether I should be buying a brand new Gretsch, say a G5420T Or should I be holding off until I can find a 6120 for second hand nearer my budget? Or for my money should I be looking at different guitars to get the best sound for my cash. I could pick up an Ibanez Artcore off EBay for about £275, or there are the Epiphones, eastcoast etc... but I keep going back To Gretsch and I don't think anything else will do for me.

ANY advice would be amazing so I know I am doing the right thing with my cash please lovely fellow guitar peeps!
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It seems like you're pretty set on a Gretsch and I can't fault you. They're the go-to for rockabilly. I'd go used for sure. They aren't hard to find usually and you can either get something better quality than you could afford new or a nicer deal on the ones you can afford new.

A friend of mine has an Epiphone ES-295 which would work nicely for rockabilly too. I believe they are doing another run this year or next year on those. It's a fine guitar.

In general, I'd certainly look for something with a bigsby-style tremolo.
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Thanks a lot, yeh it is looking more and more like a Gretsch with every passing glance at music store websites haha!