Hello I played this song very often but i don't get it which chord she plays in the midde of the song

It is at 1:25 till 1:27

I guess the first is "am" and the second is "C" but i don't know what is between those two chords (I mean the chord where she sings "strada nel mio petto"

I hope my english wasn't too bad, you may have noticed that I am not an english native speaker

Thank you so much for reading!
Am G/B C

That makes a smooth transition (voice leading) in the bass notes (A B C). It moves the harmony towards C (G-C is a strong resolution). She plays the bass B first. Then, she plays just B and D in the right hand. The missing note G is implied in context, though. I don't remember the Eurovision performance enough to say that the G was there then.

Chorus up until that point:
She plays

RH: E E D D F F E E E E D D F F E -
    C C     C C     C C
    G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G -

LH: C       C                  F
                    F       F
NeoMvsEu I am recording this song right now on Piano and I have a final question, I hope it is not annoying I have a problem with the chord between 3:09 till 3:40 it is a little bit different than the rest. At 3:40 the chorus starts again but i can't find out which chords she uses at the time 3:09 till 3:40?