Just join the UG forums for advice, been playing for years, average player at best, but love playing regardless. These forums are great, you pick up on a lot of ideas and advice, thats exactly what im after and help will definatley be much appreciated.

The problem im having is ive just purchased an EVH lunchbox, great little amp for the size of the gigs i do, the problem is it only has one volume and two channels.
Ive bought a blackstar LT drive and a graphic EQ pedal, using them before the amp, no matter what i do the levels on these pedals will not give a volume lift. They do in the effects loop (which i dont really want to use) and also give volume changes when used in front of a solid state amp. Does this mean there is a fault with my valve amp? Or am i just using the pedals wrongly, the pedals do give a boost and add a little gain in the chain before the amp, but i really want them to simply add a volume lift to the same channel on the amp as i only use the weaker of the two. Any help would go a long way.
Seems like your amp works like it should. Drive pedals and EQs before a distorted amp will just shape the distortion, not the volume. If you want a volume boost my advice is to put the EQ in the effects loop.