I'm not looking for some 50 watt amp, I'm talking more like... 5 to 15 watts.

I have a half stack in here, but I don't want to keep turning that on and off for little short playing sessions - it takes a while, and it has to heat up.


What's a little cheap practice amp that has good clean sound that I can practice on, to hear mistakes while practicing (alternate picking, sweeping, etc.) that has a decent enough distortion mode that I can use to quickly check how it sounds when distorted (in overdrive)?

I have this little Fender Starcaster 15G that I've hardly even used, yet it seems the overdrive function is already messed up with it - bah humbug. It also can get way more loud than I need for a little practice amp I can use while sitting at the computer.

So.. plain clean sound + a decent distortion. 25 watts or less. ~$75 or less. I don't need nor really care about having a bunch of EQ options.

Preferably solid-state, because I might literally have little practice sessions sporadically (3 minutes here.. 15 minutes there.. 5 minutes here.. etc.). On, off, on, off, on, off.
the vox minis are pretty nice (though i haven't tried the newer versions). the mini3 or mini5 i mean. the roland microcube is pretty nice too. you might be pushing it at $75, though (unless you're ok with used).
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