Hey everyone. I have been practice, like daily sessions of picking, legato, sweep picking and forth and i always keep at a tempo that i can "lock", the thing is at certain exercises that envolves stretching, my hand/arm starts to hurt and i imediatly stop to avoid injuries.
The thing is after a few minutes i suffer a kind of muscle spasm near my shoulder that last fr about 1-5min.
Is it normal to feel this pain/spasm on long practice sessions? i do 1/2 hours a day with breaks in the middle.
I play for some time but only now, i took practice more focused and serious in develop my techniques.
Whats your feedback guys?
could be many reasons for spasms...strain is one..dehydration is another..no its NOT normal..cut you practice into shorter sessions..20min then rest 5 .. stretching should be done very slowly and methodically..like yoga..stretch to what is comfortable..breathing slowly..then add a fret..if you feel pain at that point..stop-relax your hand..actually stretch your entire body at that point..rotate you shoulders etc..then slowly go back to the exercise..your fingers will be able to stretch though it may take longer than you like

examine your fretboard position..it should be raised to a comfortable angle .. if your playing standing up the guitar should not hang so low that you cant form some chords or solo lines..

if the pain continues,,stop and see a doctor..should you put too much stress/pressure on muscles/tendons..and they rip..you may not be able to play for quite a while

good luck
try the same stretching exercise on higher frets..once you get it..move the exercise down the fretboard one fret at a time
play well

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I definitely don't get spasms. Stretching is good advice ^^

Make sure that your shoulders are completely relaxed. Play for a few minutes, stop, and try to notice if there is any tension in your body, especially the neck/shoulder area. If there is, relax and make sure you stay that way.

What do you mean by hurting? Fatigue and slight "burning" are ok, but actual pain is never good.
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