I`m looking to try to half my 6505 to 60 watts by pulling two outside power tubes. Yes I know the volume wont be much different but I`m looking to see if it will be more usable in my apartment. I have one question. After I pull the tubes and set my ohms from 16 to 8, Will my cab (2x12) be safe since it only has a 16 ohm port? Do I just simply plug my amp in my cab as I usually would with 16 ohms just only flip the switch to 8? Thanks
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that may be the most well informed question i have ever read on this forum.
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That would be fine but I'll be honest, given the nature of the 6505 is it not a slightly redundant thing to do?

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Probably true. On the other hand, you double the life of a quad of power tubes, so it's not a bad idea even if it doesn't help with the volume.