Presuming that this is you playing, and you're looking for constructive criticism/thoughts, a few things.

1. Breathe, you're tensing up and speeding up throughout the piece. The theme's return at the end is noticeably faster from the beginning.

2. Try to get it in time before playing with the meter, the theme itself is not played in time here, which it should be. Certainly, there is some freedom, but that freedom spans the entire musical line, not the individual notes. So far, there are noticeable gaps which don't seem to be due to your technique, but you're somehow listening, and because of that playing, the melody of the theme as individual parts that are sped up and slowed down from note to note. Try to look at the whole melody, and consider it a hill. Climb the hill, enjoy the view at the top, descend. Some people run the last bit up, some down, both can work, but don't make it sound as if you're tripping over rocks.

3. The coordination between your left and right hand seems good, you're fretting in time for the most part. Your right hand however seems to have some trouble with the B-string, and a lot of that seems to have come from the picking patterns you're using. Try to find a few alternatives in that, your use of ring-finger in combination with the middle-finger is what I suspect is the problem here. These two fingers are connected (with tendons) moreso than the for example the index and middle, which is likely what is causing you trouble and continuously squeaking that b-string. This is why we don't play picado with those two fingers, and instead use the middle -and index for it. Don't force your fingers into some pattern that 'the rules' dictate should be played for certain strings. The thumb can go to the nylon, and the fingers can go on the steel, if the situation calls for it.

4. A last note, I don't often see classical guitarists play with just their fingers 2nd and tip-joints. It's not necessarily bad, but it is uncommon. Personally, I can't play flamenco with the larger joints, but neither do I find it comfortable to employ flamenco-technique and 'touche' on classical pieces. You seem to pluck more with your hand now than with your actual fingers, which can also be problematic with coordination, using that 3rd joint may fix it. As currently you're somewhat... bouncing around, your wrist is constantly hopping up and down, pulling away from the guitar everytime you pluck instead of just using your fingers. Which I won't say is 'wrong', it's just unnecessary and may hamper ability further down the road.

Either way, well on the path, but listen to the piece more often and those various interpretations. Good going, and keep it up.

Good luck
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FretboardToAshThanks bro, im playing this tune for 3 weeks now,its hard without a teacher,only learning with video lessons