So basically I want to be able to switch amp channels and midi settings for some sort of rack multi fx with only ONE press of a button. So i kinda want a system that will be able to store a preset where it will at once select the correct channel on the amp and the correct effects in whatever multifx unit i want. I just need time based and modulation effects, i dont need drives and distortions. I have an Engl powerball, and i right now i switch the channels with a simple two button footswitch, so thats what i would need on whatever controler i would have.

I have seen the fractal audio FX8 or something similar, but it seems to be pretty expensive, and i cant for the life of me even find it in stock anywhere in europe. Ive noticed that the G-Major II has a "switch out" at the back of it, so maybe thats something that would also work.

So yeah, any ideas?
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The Helix (I know, I know) has switching for amps as well as multi-FX.
And, of course, it has pretty complete MIDI controls.
I'll have to go look on the XT and HD500 later today. Both have MIDI settings available, but I'm not sure about amp switching; I really haven't used it.
I use my G Major in exactly this fashion. I have one of my midi switches set to activate the tip of the switch out port. I have the switch out port running to the foot switch port on the back of my amp. Works perfectly. You can set up patches with whatever channel of your amp you want active.

The G Major 2 retails for 499, but you can get them cheaper sometimes, especially used. I use the original G Major, which can usually be had for ~200 on the bay.

The only thing is you need to also invest in a midi pedal board.
Depends if you want to control analig pedals as well or not.
If you do, Voodoolabs GCX and Ground Control will do it:
If not, you can do amp 2 channel switching with several multifx, I use Boss GT-10 in 4 cable mode with its amp control or midi switching. The new Gt-100 does this too, HD500 also does it afaik.
The advantage of racks is you can have the rack right next to the amp, minimizing cable runs, and just have a midi cable running to your feet. With the floor based units, you have to have loop cables running to and from the amp if you intend to use the effects. That invariably creates noise, I guess if you play in a really loud band it doesn't make much difference, but it is cleaner and even easier to breakdown and setup.
Thats why i want a rack unit actually, and i did find a really cheap GMajor unit for sale. Its the first one, so im wondering if its still up to par with modern modelers?
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Its not a modeler! There are no amp models on the unit, BUT, the effects are great. Transparent, studio quality. For time based effects only, its hard to beat these things at the price point, even the G Major 2 brand new. For the price of a boutique pedal you can have a brand new G Major 2. The biggest downside to it is getting the hang of programming it because its from those years when you had an insane amount of options with a very lousy user interface.
Since you're going to have to put on a midi controller on the floor, might as well make it a processor. I do the 4 cable method on GT-10 and with the two built in noise gates, I have no issues. I packed all my cables in a loom and color coded each ending with electrical tape, so my setup is usually as long as it takes me to do it on a normal amp.
well i used to have a setup with a pedalboard, and a few pedals were in the fx loop, so i had 4 cables as well. I also made a loom of those cables and it was still annoying as hell. Id really like to cut down with cables as much as i can, so having just a single midi cable would be the best, especially now that i use a wireless system with my guitar. I guess ill look into that GMajor combined with the fcb1010 or something similar. Are there any small midi controlers? I only know about the fcb1010 and roland fc300, but i dont need all those functions anyway.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
There's the MidiBuddy (used), Tech21 Midi Moose and Mini Mouse (the Mouse is very small), Rocktron makes a few (Midi Mate, Midi Exchange), Yamaha MFC1 (used) is also simple and very nice (have this one), Voodoolabs also makes one I think. Some of the older ones are really good too, I have an ADA MC-1 that I use with my ADA MP-1.
You'd be surprised what foot switch options you'll want once you get it going...volume pedal, dedicated switch for 2-3 different effects, dedicated switch for changing amp channel, dedicated tap tempo button for delay, of course patch switching buttons which may have simple and up and down with a couple of your favorite patches assigned to a program change button.

The FCB1010 is good, but I guess you have to install an aftermarket chip to get the full functionality, the Roland is way way more expensive. I currently use a Line 6 Floorboard but you have to have a pod 2.0 to get that to work. The Yamaha mfc-1 looks like you can get it for $50 or so on the bay, and you can plug an expression pedal into it for volume, not bad.