Hey guys!

We are Against Evil from India...This is our very first music video! Worked really really hard on it and we are super proud of how it turned out to be...

Please do check it out and let me know what you think!

Looks like you spent a significant sum of money on the video. Nice song & video! Don't mess with the local mini-store owner, or someone is going to kick your a$$! Nothing significant to gripe about, it's all good. Please review my music without beating me up too badly (I don't like the taste of blood) at this link:

That was excellent! Very professional for starters. The sound production and mixing is spot on- definitely studio album quality. If I had to describe your band to someone, I might say it was a mix of Iron Savior and Manowar. Sounded very much in the vein of power metal, and the lyrics and band unity back that up to boot. Really well done, even the video too. I do not have anything to be critical of here. A few times, the lead guitar played a simple lick that I really wanted to go into an over-the-top solo, but held off. It turned out ok in the end because we got the solo during the fight scene. I hope you go far! Your band seems to have a great foundation.

If you feel like listening to one of mine, here is a link:

supralightning Thanks a lot man! Yes..we went for the best production and mix/master that was available in our budget and im very happy with how it turned out to be! Regarding the video...we wanted to do it a bit differently with a small story rather than having shots of just the band playing...Really glad that you liked it Regarding the simple guitar lick - that was just to back up the vocals a bit but going into an over-the-top solo at is not a band idea either! Maybe ill try that live Anyways thanks a lot man! I left you a review in your post! Do follow us on facebook to check out our other songs - facebook.com/againstevil.india

OUTSTANDING video and sound quality. This mix and master is sharp! This song exudes professionalism all around - well done, you all have a lot to be proud of here for sure. I dont have a lot of context to critique metal songwriting, but to me, even as someone who doesnt follow the genre, this feels spot on. It seems like you guys have really hit your stride. Ride this wave of momentum!

jmako Thanks a lot man! We worked really hard on making this video happen and im really glad you liked it! If you'd like to listen to more of our music then please check out our facebook page - facebook.com/againstevil.india Left you a comment on your link!

Oh and please follow us on facebook if you like our music... www.facebook.com/againstevil.india


And I've made (and paid for) a few so I think I should know.
That and the song are very slick. In fact, I'm gonna have to show it to a friend I know who'd love it even more than me (more folk than metal, me).
And if you really are against evil, then that's also a good thing...

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hybrid 6.0
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The Judist Thanks a lot! and your right! it wasn't cheap to make at all But it was totally worth it!!

careerminorleag Thank You very much! If you like our music do check out our Facebook page for more updates - facebook.com/againstevil.india
Wow, this is really nice. As the others have mentioned that video is really cool(and looks really expensive )
The song is nice as well, the mix sounds very professional. Really digging the drum sound. Which one of the guitarists are you btw?
Oooh, the part at 2:14 is really nice. The solo it is good as well, but I think it starts a bit to slow. But it is well thought out and the runs at the end are cool.
Keep it up man. This is really nice!

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mrmo Thanks a lot man! everything was done by professionals - the video, the mix etc...we wanted to make the drums sound very powerful and recording Live acoustic drums was the only way to achieve that...im the guitarist on the left in the video (lead guitar) Do check us out on facebook if you want to listen to more of my bands music - facebook.com/againstevil.india

Iwalkalone11 Thank you very much man! you just made my day with that comment!