Hi all,

I am going to see and hopefully buy a Gretsch G5420T tomorrow, it is listed as mint condition and the seller has awesome EBay feedback. I've arranged a private sale and the price I've knocked him down too is almost too good to be true, so is there anything I should be on the lookout for, things that may be damaged or have been replaced? I will of course try it out in his shop to make sure all the pots workand stuff but I'm just wondering what I should be paying attention to? What about serial number?

Any help would be great people, it's the first guitar I've bought privately so would really appreciate some advixe ASAP please.

Thanks in advance!
First off note that 5 in its G5420T model number, meaning its a Fender era S Korean made Gretsch copy,
Meaning unless its damaged do you really think someone is going to downgrade its pickups or other appointment's?
Not that that it couldn't be done but Why? But that's not to say they're not nice guitars for big old Jazz boxes, Basically all laminate body construction so damage is unlikely being its stated as mint,
You'd need to run it over with a truck or at least throw it out the back of it going 70 to destroy it,
And of course your going to discover the joys of a movable bridge unless someone took the time to pin it, If not should make changing your strings a new experience, And that lovely string eating Bigsby I would imagine will make it even more entertaining,
Serial number? Seriously dude? Its a Korean made Gretsch copy, No One cares what serial number it has, It is what it is . If you feel your getting a great deal on then that's all that really matters, Hope you like it,
I sold my 6120 years ago cause I didn't like it, and that would have been one without the G or T attached to its model number, as in made by Gretsch in the USA
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