I have read all of the threads on here about them and i am seriously contemplating a custom shop 7 but i am wondering if it is worth it or not..... Seems like they upped their game and everything but i still fell unsure. Anyone with experience in recent years, most notably their custom shop???? 2015-2016?
Haven't heard good things about them, but I'd wait for the other guys to chip in.

Not heard anything on them lately though.
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Fisheth24 heard the same thing i did hear that their new shop is solid but there have been a few bad eggs recently... hopefully someone will know!
One of several US companies offering so called Custom Guitars, Made in China! Don't be fooled, If I were to guess I'd say these guys are in bed with rareelectricguitars, Oh yea read the reviews on those China queens, They sure look nice though and will custom build anything you want , Personally I'd look at Rondo Music's custom shop Agile line up, Not as many choices as to body style but they're made by Mirr Music out of S Korea, These are the same guys making guitars for Reverend, Blacklund, Eastwood and Dusenburg, Granted the Dusies are assembled in Germany so as to add $1000 to the price tag, But hey what ya gonna do,
Expect long delays, no deadlines, poor communication, rushed/botched guitars, mistakes that wouldn't be on planks from china, and no refunds
Among custom guitar makers, Carvin has a much better reputation, and their process appears to involve a lot more interaction with actual human beings. And their prices sure seem reasonable.
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