I was wondering if anyone knows what might be some good songs to start learning how to solo. I usually just do rythem parts so lead stuff isnt my strong suit. Some simple stuff with maybe some string skipping. Im self taught and only been playing for a few years. I never tried to advance myself. Any help on song recommendations. Thanks!
Smells like teen spirit is a very simple solo
For string skipping try intro of sweet home alabama
Highway to Hell was the first solo I ever learned
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I would recommend the solo from Weezer's "Say It Ain't So".
Very easy solo, but has lots of emotive playing. Having bends and decently quick licks

For more string skipping, I'd definitely look at the riff for Sweet Child o Mine
And a great advanced solo to work up to would be Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb"

Hope that helps!
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Eric Clapton - Wonderful tonight
Eagles - Tequila Sunrise, Witchy Woman
Doobie Brothers - Listen to the Music
John Fogerty - Old Man Down the Road also lots of CCR tunes, almost always simple leads.
Bryan Adams - Run to You, Cuts Like A Knife, I Need Somebody
Georgia Satellites - Keep Your Hands to Yourself - A little tougher but basic rock riffs.
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Blue on Black - another a bit tough, but basic blues riffs.
Bob Seger - Main Street

All classic rock stuff, I don't know much about metal, but mostly simple leads, not hard to pick out and learn.

Also learn some of the fills, like the first couple of bars of the Eagles "Take it Easy". Quick and simple, the lead is a bit more difficult. Ditto for 38 Special "Hold on Loosely", fairly simple fills during the chorus, but the lead is a bit tougher. Cool rhythm part though, and if you want to play lead you need to be a top notch rhythm player so you know where the chord progression is going before it gets there.
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ibanezn00b5 you need to find a song you are emotionally connected to that has a solo that is slow enough that you can hear most notes very clearly. Then try learning it by ear. Use tab or you tube only when you get stuck.
Pink Floyd. Seriously, some of the bends might be a bit tough, but it's an incredible lesson in phrasing and touch, and they're all physically relatively simple so you should be fine to learn most of it with a bit of practice.
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ibanezn00b5 I agree on Pink Floyd solo's, a really good start. Since you're not totally new you might wanna try some Satriani solo's from "The Extremist". Also you might find useful myguitarworkshop.com, there's plenty of free instructional videos.