I've been a long time user/lurker of the website, figured I'd make an account to see what you guys think of my band. We're a rock duo from Tampa focused on just making simple riff-based songs, theres no technicality or solos to be found here.

We recorded the demos for super cheap and single tracked everything/did 95% of it in one long take so take a listen with that in mind. Anyways, let me know what you think, feedback is appreciated!

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Just wanted to put up our Bandcamp which has mastered versions of the demos as well as being .wav so it should all around sound better. Anyways, give it a listen and feel free to critique, tell your friends etc

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Just realized I posted this under the wrong account but whatever fuck it same shit lmao. It's been a while, been busy writing new songs and doing some shit, posted up two slightly newer demos. Remember and Use Me are in a pretty good spot but Rockstar is kind of rough in a lot of spots especially the "yeah"s and "whoa"s in the chorus lmao...anyways as always I'd appreciate a listen and any feedback even if it's just to comment and say how garbage it is

Use Me:
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